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How to Become a Wise Online Fund Loan User?

Online loans provided by many Good Finance companies can have a lot of positive impact on their users.

However, you should often see reports that say that certain Good Finance services are harmful to users.

In fact, the presence of Good Finance is a premier online lending provider for the convenience of the community — in an effort to boost Indonesia’s financial inclusion index.

To avoid the disadvantages of using a Good Finance service

You need to understand how to become a good online lender.

The importance of being a good online loan lender is:

  1. Be more careful when using the loan service.
  2. So that you are not harmed by irresponsible people, or at your own risk.
  3. To get your loan approved is always approved.
  4. In order for the loan to be applied it can be effective and timely to meet your needs.

Well, here’s how to be a good and responsible online fundraiser:

Understand and compare different loan products

There are now 99 Good Finance companies that offer online lending services of choice.

With so many Good Finance service options available, you need to know before you use it!

First understand each loan product, long term repayment, loan contract, interest rate deferred until the terms of the fine.

In general, each online fundraising application has different terms than the above.

The available Good Finance applications offer different loan types, different interest rates, and different payment systems.

You need to find a Good Finance product that gives you a great deal of lending, with light interest and a quick and easy process!

Consider a loan

Consider a loan

According to OJK’s online funds lending guidelines , the loan you apply should not exceed 30% of your earnings in one month.

This percentage is fixed so that the loan you apply for does not burden your personal finances .

Let’s say you have a salary of 10 million. The maximum bill you can pay per month is 3 million.

You can lend a larger loan as long as the payment system is down. And the huge installment does not exceed 30% of the monthly income.

This number is set as a benchmark because you still have various needs and liabilities to be met, other than repaying the loan.

In addition, you should not apply for a loan to pay off another loan! In other words, don’t dig a hole close the hole .

Immediately apply for an online fund loan

Once your online loan funds are liquid to your account, we recommend that you use them immediately to meet your needs!

This is to keep you from using loans beyond your target needs.

It’s a good idea to have a budget plan to allocate your online loan funds to meet your goals.

One more tip! If there are leftovers online for loans after you use them and you don’t really need them, don’t spend them! Just save the money so you can lightly pay the bill!

Pay your bills immediately

Pay your bills immediately

Rejecting a loan is the most widely accepted complaint by a Good Finance company.

The most common cause is incomplete or unclear data during bad sign-ups and credit history.

What will be discussed here are tips on having a good credit history for easy loan approval.

The only way you should go is to pay your online funds on time.

By paying your bills on time, your credit history will be improved, and future submissions will be easier to approve.

In addition, timely payment of the bill saves you from fines that have become a condition of the loan.

Be wary of leasing online lending practices

Be wary of leasing online lending practices

In the midst of many online Good Finance lending companies, you need to be careful about home loan online.

Good Finance predatory lending or home loan online loans are certainly illegal Good Finance companies that will harm you as a borrower.

Features of a home loan online loan include:

    • Not registered with OJK
    • Not to mention loan interest at the beginning
    • Does not specify a contactable CS contact
  • Use big Good Finance names in their social media accounts

No worries, there are a few ways you can avoid getting stuck in Good Finance predatory lending:

    • Do not distribute personal data in the comment field
    • Not giving anyone login data (Username and Password)
  • Check Good Finance data registered in OJK

In just 5 of these simple steps, you have become a smart online loan lender.

You can use online lending services to meet your needs!

Good Finance’s recommended safe and low-interest rate online loan is Good Credit.

You can ask from the 99 Good Finances available, why a Good Credit?

Why Good Credit?

Why Good Credit?

  • Already registered in OJK

Good Credit has been registered with OJK since April 2018. This proves that its service is safe for everyone to use.

  • It has been proven to help Indonesian people

As you can see, the lending of smart loans has reached USD 1 trillion by the year 2018. The loans have been distributed to around 500,000 people from 34 provinces in Indonesia.

  • Fast, easy and secure process

Good Credit is known as Good Finance that provides convenience to its users. To apply, prospective borrowers only need to take a photo of themselves and a photo of their ID and fill in their personal data. Once the account is approved, the borrower can enjoy the loan immediately!

The most favored feature of society is the disbursement of its loan funds! Within a maximum of 24 hours, a loan can be liquidated into your account. In fact, most of the loans are liquid in less than 1 hour!

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